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Mon-Fri, 9.30am-7pm.




Mon-Fri, 9.30am-7pm.

Meet Scuderia 1918’s values

Aiming high is never
out of fashion.

Scuderia 1918 is an International Equestrian Team which aims for excellence, team work and love for horses.

Success is a team sport

Scuderia 1918 is a team made up of horses and riders driven by strong values, first of all excellence, both on the field and in life. This is the team that we have always dreamed of and that we try to build every day.

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Being a team does not mean always being together, but achieving every goal together.

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The Team Italia model is designed to honor our collaboration with the Italian federation.


It is the attitude with which we carry out
our work and make our products.


The unsurpassed quality of Made in Italy
combined with excellent materials.

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Men's Collections

For a timeless style perfect for daily life, the collection for men reminds one of the elegance of great riders, while retaining the quality of all that is Made in Italy.

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Women's Collections

This collection is aimed at enhancing feminine beauty, with no distinctions of forms and with one single common denominator: the craftsmanship of Italian traditions.

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We have chosen the best possible quality for the accessories used in daily lives. The leather is a reminder of the most prestigious saddlery while the meticulous attention paid to details is a legacy of the excellence of products Made in Italy.

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Limited Edition Shoes

Each shoe in the "Limited Edition" collection is hand-finished by expert craftsmen, down to the smallest detail. Leather, retouches, seams that recall the technical materials of the most precious saddlery, giving them a quality that is difficult to match.

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